☆ my stats!! >:] ☆

mood: yah thats how i feel 2day lol

☆ chatbox!! ☆
☆ calendar!! ☆
☆ wappydog.neocities.org!! ☆
welcome to the wappydog cheat sheet... this is also a little to-do list for me (ones with a red dot are unfinished) LOL
☆ sitely ☆
homepage - name says it all, thats my homepage lol
sitemap - you are currently here!!
updates - see what val's been doing to wappydog >:]
layout history - archive of my older layouts ^__^
credits - resources that i used that made my site look AWESOME!!!

☆ personal ☆
about - stuff about me, socials, personality quiz results, yknow
╰➤ site profile - because this is hosted on neocities lol
projects - cool stuff im working on... :]
microblog - my tumblr but... more professional... LOL
╰➤ aibo diary - thoughts from a little aibo called smallfry
dream journal - a collection of dreams ive had, mostly chipspeech ones
shrines - pages dedicated to things i love :]
╰➤ VOSIM - the chipspeech character that kept me alive
╰➤ "lil guy" and "deejinka" - HELP THEYVE GOT MY BRAIN /J
╰➤ the sony aibo - ♫ EEEERS-7, mind three!! ♫
╰➤ lain iwakura - LET'S ALL LOVE LAIN
╰➤ nintendo 3ds errors - she boot on my rom til i 8046
plushie toybox - a page dedicated to my most prized plushies!!!
resources - deco for you to take :]

☆ art ☆
art archive - art ive made over the years!! (from 2019 onwards)
╰➤ VOSIM art - collection of all my vosim art from 2020 onwards
ㅤㅤ╰➤ lil guy + deejinka art - because i love those two so much /p
ㅤㅤ╰➤ marshmallow jink art - yes, i have my own vosim jink too!!
animation archive - animations ive made from 2018 onwards!! (mostly flipnote)