✧ _ welcome to the heaven of a robo-pup on the net... why don't you stay a while?? >:] ⋆ currently playing: amacha music - ファミポップⅣ ⋆ _ ✧

💿💾 the sitemap!! 💾💿

🩵 are you lost?? do you need to warp somewhere fast?? 🩵

its the wappydog cheat sheet omg
whether you're lost or just wanna get somewhere fast, this page is for you to find your destination!!

sites with a yellow dot are in need of revamping + sites with a red dot are unavaliable!!! (my commitment is awful so finishing pages could take me ages sorry lol)

💿💾 wheeeeee!! 💾💿

🩵💾 sitely 💾🩵

landing page - info + warnings about my site
homepage - self-explanatory!!
sitemap - you are currently here!!
info + qna - info about the site + a silly little qna!!
archive - archive of my older layouts ^__^
resources - cool things i found for you to enjoy!!
credits - things that made my site look AWESOME!!!

🩵💾 personal 💾🩵

about - who's the octoling behind wappydog, you might wonder??
blog - my infodump corner. usually used to jot thoughts down
microblog - wappyblog lite lol
dream diary - a collection of the dreams ive had
wappy portal - my art + animations page
mah ocs - my ocs and some info about them (most link 2 their toyhouses)
shrines - pages dedicated to things i love!!
planet vosidee - shrine dedicated to hebezunet's vosim and dee gijinka... i am normal for them two.....
marshie heaven - boy why you so FLUFFY
vosim's cozy corner - the chipspeech character that kept me alive
sony aibo ers-210 - from the first day you interact with aibo, it will become your new companion.
toybox - collection of all my little plushies...

can you guess who's my favourite character?? =^__^= /j