✧ _ welcome to the heaven of a robo-pup on the net... why don't you stay a while?? >:] ⋆ currently playing: amacha music - ファミポップⅡ ⋆ _ ✧

💿💾 info about wappydog!! 💾💿

🩵 okay. so what is this place then, weboctoling?? 🩵

simply put, wappydog is my little place for me, val, to express myself!! mah lil corner of the internet...
this site's been going strong since march 16th 2023!! it started off as me fucking around with templates i found on tumblr (check the archive for some littol history about this site!!), but then eventually it turned something a lot more deeper and personal!!

for the longest time, i was trying to find a place for me to express myself. carrd*, listography and rentry sadly didn't quite hit the spot... so like i said, i turned to neocities.
wooflbupy was the first site i properly coded up (dont try to find it, all the images are broken LOL) back in 2022. i abandoned that site cuz it just didn't look good. but in 2023, i gave neocities another try, and im so happy i did!! :D

wappydog serves as a place for me to chuck every ounce of my chaos into, a place for me to scream about my favourite things and, well, just be completely epic on!! i hope you find joy in this site just as much as i did when coding all this up... if you have something nice to say about this site, chuck a comment on mah lil guestbook!! it's much appreciated ;__;

*i have a carrd thats used for art-related stuff. check it out here!!

💿💾 questions + answers 💾💿

💿 are you ever going to finish wappydog??

erm... not quite sure about that one yet. i have massive problems with my motivation which means i can go for days without touching this site, other days i'll be sat here at my desk coding non-stop LOL
this site's constantly changin' and growin' as i learn more about html and css >:]

💿 what's the song on this page??

on pages stylized like what you're seeing, the name of the song SHOULD be listed in that silly little marquee at the top of the page. atelier amacha music my beloved :3

💿 why wappydog??

if it isn't very obvious by the theme of this site, wappydog is the name of a line of robo-pups created by sega toys + activision. you were able to communicate with wappy through a game made specifically for them!! think nintendogs but with an actual physical toy!!
i snatched the name quickly when i was extremely hyperfixated on the wappydog...

by the way, say hi to mimi!! they're my wappydog =^__^=

💿 i'm struggling to view the site :o[

if you're using kaspersky, for some reason it's flagged my domain as phishing, potentially because in '12 the domain was used as some advertising site?? (thank you archive.org)
for the time being, please put wappydog.net in your trusted domains list!!

this site will NEVER ask for your login details, nor will it ever attempt to steal your info. wappydog is simply my little personal site where i chuck my chaos on!!

💿 how did you make the 3d-looking wappydogs??

i used ibispaint for those... (however my primary app is procreate)
all the parts of dee altair (my sona + mascot) were drawn on different layers. if you go to effects (labled as FX) on the sidenav of your drawing, then go to style, you should see an effect called "relief". click that and boom!! draw linelessly for best results (means you'll have to apply the effect on every part lol)

click here for a speedpaint of what i did!!

💿 who's the wappydog around your page??

that is dee altair, my sona and my mascot!! (they/it pronouns please!!)
i created them back in march of 2023 after many attempts of trying to create a sona for myself. they're some wappydog alien thing who loves to travel between universes :]

💿 can i use [random] thing from your site??

eeeehh.... depends on what exactly it is.
if you want cool resources, check poochi, my resource site!! (its WIP sorry)
as for coding, you can take small snippets if you'd like!! just don't. like. steal the entire layout lol (inspiration is heavily appreciated!! seriously it makes me so happy seeing people get inspired off my stuff :D)