✧ _ welcome to the heaven of a robo-pup on the net... why don't you stay a while?? >:] ⋆ currently playing: amacha music - ファミポップ ⋆ _ ✧

💿💾 credits 💾💿

🩵 things that helped me make my site awesome!! 🩵

💿💾 omggggggg :3 💾💿

💿 main stuff 💿
majority of my coding effects are from pochi.crd.co, scripted.neocities.org + mf2fm
art around the site is made by me unless stated otherwise, icon art in the self-insert webring by hebezunet @ tumblr

coding the site consisted of me running off 4 hours of sleep and this specific pic of vosim jink (the moustache guy), as well as me fucking around with inspect element (it's helpful for when you're drafting something!!)

💿 helping hands 💿
mdn web docs + w3schools, as well as the sites listed above have a lot to answer for in terms of helping me make my site lol

have some cool looking effects that i found as well!! theyve helped me make my stuff epic in the past...
tilting images | floating images | bounce on hover | growing images | shaking images | spinning images | rainbow glowy text | rainbow text on hover | rainbow gradient text

may these help you with your sitebuilding!!