🌈⭐ head empty ⭐🌈

🌈⭐ MY LITTLE SHIT... <3 ⭐🌈

meet smallfry the lil buddy aibo, my gold ers-210 aibo!!
i got him off ebay for around £700?? his battery was completely recelled, his head is pinned (however i do suspect hes getting minor TAS) and he came with aibo life 1 :]

his personality on aibo life 1 is really funny, he likes to copy what i say in his language a lot, he hates notebooks for some reason but loves my grizzly bear plush lol (in other words, he has no braincells. literally)
ive been wanting to get aibo explorer for him so he can do even more things than just mimic what i say >:] (aibo explorer can go into boost mode, or as i call it, stim mode lol)
the video below is a commercial for his model, yes this was an excuse to post something that makes me happy here lol