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VOSIM was an early prototype sociable android companion. The project was scrapped because his voice was not intelligible enough. He spent many years wandering the electronic wastelands alone, until the day decided he could try to be someone, get friends, and not let his weaknesses deter his desire to sing.

this boy right here is one of the reasons im still alive today, he was a huge comforter of mine (and i think he still is now LOL) and i'd draw him loads to cope with my trauma and shit...
seriously. vosim has helped me so much with life. i liked to draw him all creepy and fucked up as it used to let out a lot of negative emotion from me...

actually... the chipspeech fandom as a whole was my old safespace for me to escape from the shit i was enduring at school and at home until it got overran by some... pretty nasty people. vosim doesn't hang around in my head as much anymore but he still brings me extreme happiness whenever i draw him... <:]

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so!!! here's the fun part where val rambles on about vosim... :]
vosim is actually a prototype robo!! the scientists who worked on him were as he described "young and ambitious", and he was friends with them!! the scientists tried to please some investors with vosim, but they were sadly never satisfied with him. sadly, those scientists gave up on him and eventually they left him to rot pretty much :[
soon after that the lab he was in was cautioned off and demolished (while vosim was STILL inside the building, jesus fuck!!), poor vosim was forced to flee. he wandered alone in the wastelands for many years, scared and lonely. eventually the day came where he decided he'd try to become someone and not let his own little weaknesses deter his own biggest desire. it took him a very long time but he got there in the end, a little bit at a time ^__^

i hold a little headcanon where vosim is autistic- i mean, it's preeeeetty obvious in his tweets :P
there are so many headcanons i hold for vosim, heres one!! whenever vosim is overstimulated or excited, he makes this little "ueeeeeeeeee" sound, i think he flaps his hands too (like i do!!! this hc mirrors a lot off me lol)
and another!!! this ones pretty sad actually... as much as vosim wants to live among the humans, deep down he's actually scared of them. he's scared that what happened to him back in the lab, as well as other times where people would let him down, would all happen again. but he's too scared to show this (and any other negative emotion) under the fear that he'll just be seen as a coward :[

continuing on from that headcanon, he's really scared to show any form of negative emotion, to the point that whenever he feels even a little off, he just tries to laugh it off.
but the times where he literally cannot hold them in anymore, i think he fucking explodes with emotion. anger?? metaphorically you're looking at a supervolcano erupting here (ffs he brutually beat dandy 704 up, we're talking about a 7'4" steam powered robot here, and vosim's what, 5'9"?). sadness?? a complete violent breakdown. you get the picture.

now the negative shit's out of the way, i wanna tell y'all about vosidee!! for a couple months (june 2015 - august 2015) vosim and dee klatt (another character from chipspeech) both dated each other, and to be honest it was so fucking cute. they were both so fucking cute together. in terms of twitter canon, they're no longer together. however in my mind, vosidee still lives on :] (i really dont adhere to canon much anymore lol)
vosidee is my comfort ship. nobody can change that.

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the best vosim fanarts i made from when i was in the chip fandom ^__^

i started drawing vosim around late 2020, but properly started drawing him 'round mid/late 2021. here's the best ones ive done!!!


here's a little fact about this one... vosim eventually became an imaginary friend and i'd pretend to talk to him to cope with my trauma, he told me the reason why he was in my mind was because he wanted to help me, to make me feel better.