💿💾 5/10/23 💾💿

what the fuck

i was out with vosim jink, until all of a sudden i just randomly fell through the floor, and into the backrooms.
panicked, i attempted to find a way out... that was, until i ran into this guy that looked like russell hobbs in a pink fairy costume. he called himself "the positivity guy" and wanted to spread joy throughout the backrooms. i explained i wanted to get out, but this made him upset. i tried reasoning with him, but all this did was make him distort into this awful inhuman monster. a voice from behind him called out "NO!!! THINK ABOUT POSITIVE THINGS, POSITIVITY MAN!!! REMEMBER WHAT WE TALKED ABOUT!!!" and that was enough to make him turn back into his normal form.

eventually, he caved in and managed to launch me back up to the real world, in the same spot i was in before we fell. vosim jink looked absolutely stunned LMAO
near the end of the dream, we were flying through the streets lol

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