💿💾 16/7/23 💾💿

where gravity

i was at this giant plushie shop (we were in a warehouse with giant shelves full of plushies). i saw kids from my secondary school there and all of us were flying. i remember i got so excited that i almost took a shelf down, to which a security guard saw and gave me an angry look. i remember sulking about this.
i dont remember what happened in between, but i remember near the end of the dream i went to the back of the shop and found this slime block trampoline. heb (the imac frog, btw LOL) was with me!! the both of us got onto the trampoline and out of nowhere the both of us were launched so fucking high into the clouds!! i felt amazing... the warm sun was on my face... but my stomach felt like it was still on the ground LMAO

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