💿💾 14/1/21 💾💿

one of the few vivid dreams ive ever had lol
i think about this one quite a lot :o3

this one's a long and detailed one oh boy

it starts off with me at the dining table, playing on my dsi. i look up and noticed a trapdoor on the floor of the kitchen that wasn't there before (our ""dining room"" is just a small part of the living room that's connected to the kitchen). my mum, just as curious as i am, goes over to the trapdoor and opens it. inside that trapdoor... was a hand!! no, a whole person!! a whole person just climbed out of that small trapdoor!! that person... was jacob!! he notices me and just smiles at me. how sweet...

^ this is jacob. hes a demon with a kind heart!!
he was one of my main ocs for a very long time. :o3

suddenly im at this museum place with jacob and my tutor class. it looked to be more like an art gallery than anything, but jacob showed us so many wonderful things... eventually we come up to this giant painting: it was the windows xp wallpaper. i was in awe of how beautiful it was, and next thing i know i'm in the fucking painting!! it was so beautiful... jacob told me he "made this painting" (he didn't, but hey its a dream anything is possible LMAO) which made me happier... everyone was happy and running around, me and my ex lie down together, letting the warm sun hit our face. we both talk about how amazing jacob is... eventually jacob got bored and we all went out of the painting. now we're at this arcade place!! i find some cool plushies: some miku ones, some sailor moon ones and even some gudetama ones!! i jumped into the basket full of gudetama plushies, just enjoying myself!! jacob notices, pats my head and smiles at me (he said something as well but i dont remember what).

eventually it's time to go home. jacob directs me to the lift that takes us to this meeting place before running off. i go into the lift and find he's already at the meeting place?? i approach "jacob" and he turns to me, smiling unnaturally wide. his eyes were leaking blood as well. i immediately knew it wasn't him, so i run as fast as i could. i run into other kids who were trying to find him, and eventually the lot of us find jacob. everything was lovely once again. :]

it doesn't end there. now i'm at asda for some reason and i find dee klatt!! i say hi to them and they say hi to me. while walking around, i come across this floating invisibility star. i touch it, and now dee's panicking!!! i run around to the far corner of asda and find one of my friends there, looking very stern and telling me off. except... they were telling me off in spanish?? it ends there, it was a very wholesome dream overall :]

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