💿💾 4/1/21 💾💿

this one starts off as a nightmare lol

i was in this really strange warehouse with my english class. one of my bullies starts to bully me and his mates join in, one of them pushes me into a pile of metal junk, the other starts to stab my leg with a blunt piece of metal. i struggle to run away and eventually i got to this door with a sign that said "spanish" above it. a teacher lets me in and there's these really tall shelves.
i go through one of the aisles, and im suddenly spinning, speaking fluent spanish for some reason (i barely know spanish irl LMAO)?? i come across my ex's spanish class and they're in 2 lines, i spot my ex and i sit behind her.

all of a sudden i'm in a classroom with my ex's spanish class and i was told to do this portfolio. i try to ask for help but i see my ex and one of my friends using this shiny blue card and ribbon (making their portfolio with arts and crafts??), too busy working on their portfolio. i look around and everyone else was doing the same, with different colored card and ribbon. confused out of my mind, i try to go onto a pc but it boots into this weird windows 10 + ubuntu fusion operating system...

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