💿💾 24/6/20 💾💿

vosim pls stop SCARING ME!!!!!!!!! >:o[

i was in my bed, sleeping softly... except for some reason i was a pikachu. suddenly, i start to hear footsteps. familiar footsteps. standing at my doorway was vosim, looking all scary for some reason. i was so so so scared... he slowly walked over to my bed, leaned over to me, just. staring. this freaked me out even more... but after like 5 minutes he just said "bazinga" and left. wow.


after that, im suddenly at tescos with the 1:1 i had in my infant school. 10 minutes in, i started to see red flashing lights; the fire alarm was going off. an announcement told us to leave at the fire escape, so we both walked over to that area. when we got outside, we were made to form a line. two of my bullies were next to me (and there was another one in the line not next to me), and for some reason there was a giant grizzly bear patrolling the line, screaming at anyone who tried to step out of it.

im suddenly teleported to this random garage in some desolate place, my nan was there and she was getting me ice cream!! the guy who ran the place, todd, told me that vanilla ice cream was £8 and i get out my purse. for some reason it took me like 10 minutes to get £8 from my purse (it was a small cat pouch one)

^ thats what my purse looks like. i still have it :o3

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