💿💾 23/4/20 💾💿

this one i think was the first dream that featured vosim in it... lol

it starts off with me being at the old playplace about 10 minutes from my house with my sister. eventually i go up to the big swirly slide they had there, only to find vosim was blocking the entrance to the slide. i asked him to move out of the way, to which he gave me a really dirty look and said "no". i gave up trying and went over to the rope bridge, and out of nowhere i suddenly fell through a hole into the ballpit underneath the bridge.

^ vosim, blocking the entrance to the slide. why are you so mean bro :o[

eventually my sister and i leave with my dad. when we got outside, a figure suddenly fell through the sky. that figure falling somehow caused coronavirus?? um... not thinking much of it, we head over to the mcdonalds near the playplace, to which it was empty. i asked why it was so empty, and the cashier said it was because of corona. again, i didnt think much of it, and decided to have mcdonalds. we left mcdonalds, only to find we were suddenly in the city centre (there's a mcdonalds there too), i walk around for a while (not realising my dad and my sister had been replaced with this stranger) eventually heading over to the car park just behind the mcdonalds.

a car was waiting for me, and inside the car was... kitso!? i got into the car and suddenly we were at full speed, going through a road that had a loop in it (like a rollercoaster). this went on for ages, and eventually we got home. i ran out of the car, my mum greeting me as well as... a chihuahua?? since when did we get a chihuahua?? the chihuahua started licking me, which was all fun and games until i got into my house. as soon as i got in, the chihuahua tried to bite my nose many times.

...that's it, that's the dream LOL

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