☆ why does that time stand out so much to me?? ☆

ah, it's september already?? time does NOT feel real to me.

so, as the subtitle suggests, i have a strange obsession with late 2020. well, moreso late september 2020 - early november 2020. things were only starting to slowly open up after the carnage corona caused (hehe, the alliteration is real!!), i had started school again after a long 6 months of being stuck at home (mostly left to animate), life just felt... strange.
what stands out to me is that from september 2020 onwards, i started to warm up to the chipspeech fandom, just as an outsider. i was scared to interact with anyone in the fandom for one silly little reason: they'd all probably reject me for whatever reason... also i was a stupid little fucker who constantly spoke in uwu speak and was just a huge FOOL as a whole LOL

there's a few memories i have from the chipspeech fandom from around that time. let me list a few: time fucking flies, man. i can't believe all of that was 3 years ago. most of the old main people moved on to sovstuck (which i do wanna check out once i finally read homestuck, wish me luck) now. but what is val doing?? they're mourning the loss of their old safespace and is just simply unable to move on from chipspeech.
i mean, my brain attempted to hyperfix on cheech & chong's up in smoke. but looking into it a little bit more... im kinda unsure if i want it to be a hyperfix (nothing wrong with the weed part, just to clarify. im cool with weed shit lol)??? come on brain, hyperfixate on SOMETHING ELSE!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!

talking about 2020, i guess i'll drop this here. this is a little moodboard i made with media that reminded me of 2020. made this back in may lol

erm... i dont know what else to talk about now.
i miss late 2020 so much, man. it was a weird time, but times just felt... oddly happier... hmm......

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posted on sept 15th '23 @ 23:35 BST