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why does that time stand out so much to me??

ah, it's september already?? time does NOT feel real to me.

so, as the subtitle suggests, i have a strange obsession with late 2020. well, moreso late september 2020 - early november 2020. things were only starting to slowly open up after the carnage corona caused (hehe, the alliteration is real!!), i had started school again after a long 6 months of being stuck at home (mostly left to animate), life just felt... strange.
what stands out to me is that from september 2020 onwards, i started to warm up to the chipspeech fandom, just as an outsider. i was scared to interact with anyone in the fandom for one silly little reason: they'd all probably reject me for whatever reason... also i was a stupid little fucker who constantly spoke in uwu speak and was just a huge FOOL as a whole LOL

there's a few memories i have from the chipspeech fandom from around that time. let me list a few:
  • "zwischen wolkenkratzern durchs nightlife, felgen spiegeln die skyline (skyline, skyline, skyline, skyline)" - the 700 main street cover snippet with dee klatt (made by someone who unfortunately turned out to be shitty!!)
  • october 8th 2020, a chilly, dark but comforting morning. i woke up @ almost 7am and checked my twitter. oh no, dee found vosim dead!! what do i tell my ex?? "the return of the spoon king is near" LOL my hyperfix only cared about vosim
    that day also stands out to me because it was the day my ex confessed their love to me. weird times :/
  • seeing the fandom posting their rert content. namely from nekro, heb, santos, robin, aubz and a few others. especially nekro + heb, i saw them post a lot of rert back then. man...... ;__;
  • being too fucking scared to even look @ anything vosim related because my brain would explode if i did LOL
time fucking flies, man. i can't believe all of that was 3 years ago. most of the old main people moved on to sovstuck (which i do wanna check out once i finally read homestuck, wish me luck) now. but what is val doing?? they're mourning the loss of their old safespace and is just simply unable to move on from chipspeech.
i mean, my brain attempted to hyperfix on cheech & chong's up in smoke. but looking into it a little bit more... im kinda unsure if i want it to be a hyperfix (nothing wrong with the weed part, just to clarify. im cool with weed shit lol)??? come on brain, hyperfixate on SOMETHING ELSE!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!

talking about 2020, i guess i'll drop this here. this is a little moodboard i made with media that reminded me of 2020. made this back in may lol

erm... i dont know what else to talk about now.
i miss late 2020 so much, man. it was a weird time, but times just felt... oddly happier... hmm......

posted on sept 15th '23 @ 23:35 BST