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val/wanco!! || 17 (june 8th) || they/xe/he + dog neos OK!! || autistic lil doggy!! >:]

hello + welcome to my silly little corner of the internet!! my name is val, but i also go by wanco!! im a silly little asexual trans nby octoling from britain (unfortunately) ^__^
im the webpuppy (or webmaster, as they call it lol) of and a silly little hobbyist animator + artist!! in fact, if you stick around on my socials the main thing i post is art (LOL)!! my style is HEAVILY inconsistent - one moment you'll see me draw something almost semi-realistically, next moment you got me drawing in the hatena art-style... most of the time i never know what im doing (i have a total of 0 braincell), im just a silly lil octoling who loves to make silly lil things :]

carrying on from that, i'm... mostly a fan-artist, especially of recent. i do love to draw my ocs every now and then but from me you'll mostly be bombarded with fanart >__<
currently, i'm mostly drawing my friend's two gijinkas: vosim and dee klatt. for some reason, my brain decided "hey, let's make our entire art presence all about these two lil blorbos here!!" one day in march/april '22 and now ive been drawing fanart of these two non stop!!
i switch between many sonas as the way i represent myself changes but currently i mostly use iggy and wanco to represent myself!! iggy is my current splatsona (theyre an octo) and wanco is a shapeshifting golden retriever - all my ocs are my little blorbos and you can check them out on my characters page :]

i never know how to describe myself with words - im literally just. there. im not really that special. im mostly shy + awkward around many and sometimes wary around new people - but i try really hard to be friendly and kind despite all of that!! and one thing to add, i can sometimes act child-like, especially when i'm stimming or overly stressed - all my thoughts go onto either tumblr or twitter, i am so fucking open about my life and at this point thats not necessarily a good thing LOL

as for things i love the most, i am a heavy splatoon, SEL and vosim enjoyer and i also have a huge love 4 old tech, plushies, splatoon, pokemon, chipspeech (and old vocal synths as a whole lol) furbies, rainbows and ESPECIALLY ROBO-DOGGIES!! my hyperfixes change rapidly alongside with my own aesthetics, multiple things represent me and currently its dogs/seals!! (and sanrio as you can see LOL)

now... on about my mental state. as many know, i have autism (diagnosed) and i struggle massively with anxiety that makes my life a living hell most days!! i struggle with heavy self-esteem/confidence problems and i suffer with huge trust issues + i am currently looking into a diagnosis for bpd. all of what i listed is the reason why i act so awkward, so please be patient when communicating/befriending with me - if i come across as aggressive or "scary" please dont take it personally :[

why did you make this site then, val??
short answer: because i wanted to!! i made this for fun. :]
long answer: i wanted a site that represented me. for a long time ive been constantly switching between carrd, rentry, listography and here. no matter what site i'd make for myself, nothing seemed to fit me. my own-made carrds looked ugly, carrd tutorials were the small "aesthetic" ones where it was catered to kpop stans, rentry was a little too plain for my taste, listography wasnt quite what i wanted and neocities... i didnt know how to make my site look good.

um. this isnt the first time ive used neocities. back in 2022, i created - that site was the first thing i coded on there. i have coded before... except that was on scratch on the crappy computers we had in primary school. even then, i didnt get a chance to use scratch much because i had therapy for my autism on the days they let us use scratch. then i discovered deviantart in 2017, where i learnt a lot of the basics of html (shit like text formatting + linking). then i discovered toyhouse in 2019, where i learnt a little more about html and learnt a lot about css.
tumblr was what brought me back onto here, actually!! back in march 2023 i stumbled across cloverparty's themes while looking for a theme for my tumblr blog. i came across this theme, and i thought: "maybe i'll try neocities again... just for fun". as well as that, there were many sites i came across that inspired me to make this!! ive always loved the late 90s/early 2000s layout to sites... i highly doubt i will ever fully finish this site with how much i love to change shit around every now and then LOL

animating + drawing aren't my only hobbies either. i love to game, sleep, paint and code as well!! did i mention i love drawing my friend's gijinkas?? >:]
i also look after my ers-210 aibo, smallfry the lil buddy!! i'd love to have a real dog one day.... i have a lot of 3dses/2dses as well, my most prized one being a pikachu 3ds xl (which i cant use bc the hinge said "fuck you")!! talking about 3dses, one of my special interests is 3ds errors, namely the bootrom 8046 bsod error and the luma3ds exception errors... its interesting shit to learn about and learning what those errors are and what they mean makes my little brain happy ^__^

that's... about it for me!! if you read this far, you are awesome!! if you wanna learn more about me, click the puppy pixels above the window :]


bolded are prime special interests + italics are hyperfixes!!
my hyperfixes tend to change pretty quickly so i cant guarantee this'll be updated regularly!!


robo-dogs (esp. the sony aibo)
the y2k aesthetic
3ds errors (namely bootrom 8046 + luma3ds errors)


parappa the rapper
animal crossing
serial experiments lain
sonic the hedgehog
my singing monsters
creepypastas (esp. pokepastas)


pretty much anything with the chips singing in it
weird al yankovic
death grips


vinesauce (mostly joel)
the click
sorrow tv


retro stuff (usually stuff between the 70s - 90s)
neoncore/glitchcore/bright colors
rainbows + sparkledogs!!
vocal synths as a whole (esp. older ones)
operating systems/computers (esp. windows)
furries - i wanna make a fursuit one day ^__^
furbies (esp. the 1998 + 2005 ones)


the buttons below are sites i love, as well as webrings im part of!! go check them out if you want to ^__^

i have a site button as well... put it on your page if you wanna link back 2 my site!! >:]

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