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HELLO THERE!!!!! welcome 2 wappydog, aka my silly little corner of the internet where i can dump all my chaos into one little site!!! please enjoy your stay :]
this site is run by a silly lil octoling who plays splatoon + goes crazy over robo-doggies and plushies!! this site also serves as my lil coding corner; wappydog is always changing and growing as i learn more about html :]

i hope you like this site, i put my heart and soul into making this o^__^o

☆ before you ask... ☆

will you ever finish this site??
> i don't know. maybe?? maybe not??? i have massive problems with my motivation which means i can go for days without touching this site, other days i'll be sat here at my desk coding non-stop LOL
also, don't mind the constant theme changing. i cannot stick to a theme if my life depended on it >__<

what song's playing right now??
> the song you're hearing right now is mametchi's theme from tamagotchi connection corner shop 2 (its a great game i grew up with)!!

why wappydog??
> wappy dog is the name of a robo-doggy who had its own lil app on the nintendo ds!! when i first created this site i was hyperfixated on wappy dog and i found the name wasn't taken... now here we are!!

can i use X thing from your site??
> if you're on about resources, go ahead!! i have a resource page on the sidenav on the left, feel free to take them!!
as for my code... if you're taking small snippets (e.g. the rainbow hover text), thats okay!! all i ask of you is to not take the entire layout!!
if you want something similar to this, i usually use cloverparty's bases and i heavily modify them to fit my taste... his templates are easy to follow imo, check his stuff out!!

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